One reason to perform a cognitive assessment is if there is concern that someone may be experiencing a cognitive impairment. This may be the result of a brain injury or stroke, or it may be congenital in nature, as in a child with suspected intellectual disabilities. 

Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment is a proficiency in professional psychology that involves the administration, scoring, and interpretation of empirically supported measures of personality traits and styles in order to: 

  • Refine clinical diagnoses; 

  • Structure and inform psychological interventions

Psychology Behaviour

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Psychological | assessment and intervention

We are qualified to provide a range of psychological assessments and interventions in a variety of subject matters for both children and adults. 

Katherine, our Principal Psychologist, has been registered with The British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) since 2009 and administered tests and assessments regularly since. 

To confirm Katherine's status on the register please visit

Katherine Goodsell Psychological Services | Talon House, Crownhill, Milton Keynes

Katherine Goodsell Psychological Services | Talon House, Crownhill, Milton Keynes

How we are different from other practices?

Our practice in Milton Keynes is accredited, private and client led meaning we put your interests first.  We continually review your progress offering tailored interventions, including consultations with our Principal Psychologist and our Personal and Business Coach at reduced fees.

We are based at Talon House, Crownhill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and offer counselling and therapy services for adults and children.  

We can also provide counselling & therapy in:

Bedford | Northampton | Leighton Buzzard | Buckingham | Dunstable | Luton 

Benefits of psychological therapy 

  • Gain a professional understanding of your difficulty.
  • Receive a recommendation on what will help (if we don't think we can help we will tell you).
  • And, if we think we can help, you will then be offered an intervention, with progress reviewed regularly.

Executive Functioning Assessments

The term executive function describes a set of cognitive abilities that control and regulate other abilities and behaviours. Executive functions are necessary for goal-directed behavior. They include the ability to initiate and stop actions, to monitor and change behavior as needed, and to plan future behavior when faced with novel tasks and situations.  Executive functions allow us to anticipate outcomes and adapt to changing situations. The ability to form concepts and think abstractly are often considered components of executive function.   

Psychological Testing

As the name implies, executive functions are high-level abilities that influence more basic abilities like attention, memory and motor skills.

Executive function deficits are associated with a number of psychiatric and developmental disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, tourette's syndrome, depression, schizophrenia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and autism. Executive function deficits also appear to play a role in antisocial behavior.

Please contact me to discuss these assessments.



What is a psychological test?

Psychological tests are used in all walks of life to assess ability, personality and behaviour. A test can be used as part of the selection process for job interviews, to assess children in schools, assess people with mental health issues or offenders in prisons. The British Psychological Society's Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) is the first point of contact for anyone who uses, takes or develops tests.

What is a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is the attempt of a skilled professional, usually a psychologist, to use the techniques and tools of psychology to learn either general or specific facts about another person, either to inform others of how they function now, or to predict their behavior and functioning in the future.

So what is the difference?

Psychological assessment is similar to psychological testing but usually involves a more comprehensive assessment of the individual. Psychological assessment is a process that involves checking the integration of information from multiple sources, such as tests of normal and abnormal personality, tests of ability or intelligence, tests of interests or attitudes, as well as information from personal interviews.


What action can be taken against someone who falsely claims to hold a British Psychological Society qualification in educational or occupational testing?

A complaint should be made in writing in the first instance to the PTC at the address below.  Always check the register before allowing someone to give you a test under any circumstances.  You may not get the correct result if the test user has not been fully trained.

The British Psychological Society
St Andrews House
48 Princess Road East


BPS Testing Centre