Private Assessments | the school

Not all local authorities will recognise a private psychologists report and will still insist that a local authority assessment be carried out in order to obtain funding or access to some local services. We recommend that you continue to wait for a local authority assessment as this will guarantee you full access to services.

Our reports we have found have still been used by schools to assist in implementing strategies to support a child's learning whilst they are on the waiting list for a local authority assessment.

We have been in contact with the Special Educational Needs Team at Milton Keynes and they have confirmed they will accept private assessments from Chartered Psychologists.  The assessment carried out by us can be used as evidence for you to present as part of your case towards a child's statement of needs.

They will, however, still insist on an assessment being carried out by their own educational psychologist before they confirm if a statement of needs is required.  We only use the ADIR and ADOS instruments in our assessments which are considered the gold standard for autism diagnosis.  We therefore expect our assessments to be taken extremely seriously in all statement of needs applications.