Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | help in Milton Keynes

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | help in Milton Keynes


What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening or distressing events.

The type of events that can cause PTSD include:

  • serious road accidents
  • violent personal assaults, such as sexual assault, mugging or robbery
  • prolonged sexual abuse, violence or severe neglect
  • witnessing violent deaths
  • military combat
  • being held hostage
  • terrorist attacks
  • natural disasters, such as severe floods, earthquakes or tsunamis

PTSD can develop immediately after someone experiences a disturbing event or it can occur weeks, months or even years later.

PTSD is estimated to affect about 1 in every 3 people who have a traumatic experience, but it's not clear exactly why some people develop the condition and others don't.


What we can do?

Psychological Assessment and Intervention Plan

You will assessed by our Principal Psychologist with recommended intervention plan to support you in identifying and managing your PTSD.



Our counsellors are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and are trained to support you and your family in dealing with PTSD.


Expert Witness

We are able to provide an assessment, report and expert witness testimony to support any compensation claim you may be seeking as a result of your PTSD.