Man Unfit To Be Interviewed

A man arrested on suspicion of murdering a mother and her seven-month-old baby is being assessed by mental health experts.

The 28-year-old suspect had been deemed unfit to be interviewed by West Midlands Police about the deaths of the victims, named locally as Yvonne Walsh and her son Harry.

Ms Walsh, 25, and her son were found dead at a terraced house in Billesley, Birmingham , at about 10.30am yesterday after concern was raised for their welfare.

The police spokesman added: “A serious case review and a domestic homicide review are expected to take place in due course, as is routine practice when a child dies in these circumstances.

“Due to previous contact between police and the person in custody, West Midlands Police has informed the Independent Police Complaints Commission who will look into any police involvement in due course.”

This would suggest that 'previous contact' was very recent to have been referred to the IPCC and that they may have been aware of a concern for the 28 year old previously.

We will have to wait for the report but it could highlight again the need for reviewing the way mental health is tackled by prosecuting bodies.

Harry Walsh