Autism Presentation To The Metropolitan Police Service

On Monday the 1st July 2013 the Metropolitan Police Service in London kindly invited Katherine Goodsell to deliver a second presentation on 'Autism Awareness' for Safer Schools Teams.  The training day was organised by the Safer Schools Partnership based at Empress State Building. The 45 minute presentation was designed to raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorder and to assist police officers and staff with both recognising and managing a situation if an individual displays characteristics of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
The presentation delivered by Katherine Goodsell is unique in that Katherine is able to draw on her experiences of both working within the prison service and with autistic males who have a forensic background and as such have often had contact with the police on several occasions.
Following the publication of Lord Adebowale’s Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing Report, several recommendations were made which include training on ASD and associated Mental Health issues, thus necessitating the development of a more comprehensive workshop.

It has become apparent that police officers have not been trained to successfully assist members of the public who may have Autistic Spectrum Disorder, thus several unfortunate occurrences have been highlighted in the media. When responding to an incident police officers have limited time to assess a situation before acting, thus the content of the workshop enables officers to identify possible traits of autism, understand the situation for the perception of the ASD individual and ultimately assists them with tailoring their actions to improve the experiences for all involved
— Katherine Goodsell


A 3 hour workshop for police officers and staff is offered by Katherine Goodsell Psychological Services to help improve the service level to people on the autistic spectrum and can be delivered at your place of work or at one of our learning centres. Please see our training page for further details.