20% of people in the UK face mental illness

This snapshot into the nation’s sense of wellbeing comes in figures released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics.

In a survey of 40,000 households, 19 per cent, reported struggling with the mental health conditions.

The divorced or separated were more likely to suffer, with 27 per cent having symptoms compared with 20 per cent of those who were single, cohabiting or widowed and 16 per cent of those who were married or in a civil partnership.

Unemployment was a factor, too, with 23 per cent of the out of work suffering mental health issues, against 15 per cent of those in a job.

Carers looking after elderly or sick loved ones were also vulnerable.

The questionnaire did not cover severe disorders such as schizophrenia, said the ONS.

So is depression and stress on the increase or are we just better at admitting it?