Adult Educational Assessments

More adults are returning to education either to help them with that promotion at work or to prove to themselves that they can achieve what may have alluded them from when they were younger.

If you are finding returning to education challenging or struggling to understand what it is you are learning, there may be an underlying reason as to why. 

We can provide a range of assessments that may determine any learning difficulties and provide you with solutions on how to manage them more effectively. 

We can also provide a report to the educational organisation you are attending to suggest ways in which they can further support you.

It is estimated that around 10% of the population has dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities.
— British Dyslexia Association

Our Educational Assessments

Dyslexia Screening Test



The DST provides an excellent first step in deciding whether to request further testing for specific learning difficulties.  It will provide a profile of the strengths and weaknesses which can be used to guide the learning strategies for the individual.

You will receive a digital version of the report.

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Educational Assessment | standard


Payment Plan Available

Our standard educational assessment involves a telephone or email consultation with our Principal Psychologist.

We then carefully select the most appropriate assessment to deliver.  All our assessments are validated and approved by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee.

Our assessments cover:

  • Specific learning difficulties
  • General ability
  • Memory
  • Motor function
  • IQ

You will receive a digital version of the report.

Educational Assessment | enhanced


Payment Plan Available

Our standard educational assessment, plus:

Extended consultation to include expert advice regarding:

  • Work based needs
  • Access Arrangements
  • Disabled Student Allowence

Up to two additional tests if required (discussed at the initial consultation).

We can arrange a meeting with your place of work to discuss the report and explain our recommendations in person.

You will receive a digital and hard copy version of the report.


Suitable for:

  • Early identification of dyslexia.
  • Learning interventions to assist with dyslexia

Please note that this assessment is not suitable for Disabled Student Allowance or for Access Arrangements.

Suitable for:

  • Evidence towards workplace needs assessment
  • Identification of specific learning difficulties
  • Recommendations for you /your work/ your school


Suitable for:

  • Access Arrangements 
  • Disabled Student Allowance
  • Work based needs assessment

This assessment will fully comply with JCQ guidelines for Access Arrangements and also Disabled Student Allowance.

Please note that the fee shown above does not include attendance at a tribunal.  

British Dyslexia Association Organisational Member